W9JXN's Personal Web Site

Welcome to W9JXN's personal web site.

Like many amateur radio operators, I have developed an interest in several related areas over the years. Building and flying Radio Control model aircraft, for instance, presents a challenge in the development of skills not unlike those utilized in the building, refurbishment, and operation of Ham Radio gear. Our approach to Sailing also requires similar attributes where we found an older classic design, refurnished it with loving care, and enjoy the rewards of sailing it on Lake Michigan. All three disciplines require skill and attention to detail if one is to be successful whether one is flying an airplane, sailing a boat, or digging out that weak DX station in a pile up. When you are flying an airplane you built, sailing a boat you restored, or operating a piece of ham gear that you have brought back to life, the experience is that much richer. This site was developed to share those experiences with those who may have similar interests.

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